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Ratcheting Glow in the Dark Guy Rope System

Ratcheting Glow in the Dark Guy Rope System

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GlowRope Guy Ropes are designed to make setting up your campsite a breeze.

A 3.2 metre ratcheting guy rope system that uses a 7mm Close-knit polypropylene glow in the dark rope that has a reflective strand woven in for unparalleled visibility when the sun goes down.

Simply connect to your awning, gazebo, tarp or GlowRope's own Sail Track Attachment (purchased separately) using the Nickel Plated carabiner.

The ratcheting tensioner allows for a quick and simple way of tightening the guy ropes and ensures they stay tight in adverse weather conditions. To release, simply press down on the metal lever, the rope will loosen.

The guy ropes come in a breathable UV resistance nylon mesh bag that not only stores the ropes whilst not in use but is a perfect place to keep the loose end of the rope when in use to keep your campsite tidy. The bag comes with two stainless-steel D rings - one that simply attaches to the ratcheting tensioner carabiner and the other allows it to be secured to the ground using a peg. 

- Glow In The Dark With Reflective Strip 

- Super Easy To Use Ratcheting System 

- Nylon Mesh Bag For Storage

- Close-Knit Polypropylene Rope

- Stainless Steel D-Rings

- Rust Resistant Nickel Plated Carabiners

- Zinc Alloy Pulley Construction

- Rated to 80Kg

- Free Glow In The Dark Sticker

- Comes in a Pack of 2, 4 or 6 Ratcheting Guy Ropes


*Note: Luminosity of the GlowRope varies with the amount light exposure it is subject to during the day.
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